Singer, Actor, Dancer

"Watching Jillian perform is always rewarding for me as her former teacher.  She is wonderful to watch, incorporating honest performances with skilled and exciting vocal technique.  Jillian's innate artistic talent is evidenced by her achingly beautiful ballads where the colors she paints with her voice are vivid and poignant and  her up-tempo pieces are equally thrilling.   She entices her audience with an impressive, brilliant, yet warm upper range and can turn around and create a pingy and exciting belt as well.  On stage Jillian creates strong characters and certainly is one herself in real life!"​​

Dr. Julie Celona-VanGorden
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music
Elon University

"Jillian is also one of the hardest workers you will ever encounter. Not just in the realm of theatre, but in all aspects of life. I often see her studying one subject up until the very moment our sessions begin, only to move directly onto the next one upon the conclusion of our time. How she manages her time, I have no idea, but she does with undeniable results. It likely has to do with her innate ability to take in and process excess amounts of information in a short period of time. I have witnessed time and time again her ability to take complicated notes and apply them within moments of receiving them."

Tory Doctor


"Jillian always arrives to rehearsal on time, fully prepared, and ready to focus on the job at hand.  Her sense of pitch is quite incredible and her ability to harmonize is a music director’s dream.  Jillian is a real pleasure to work with."

Patrice Barnes, BMus, NATS

Singing Teacher